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CO2 Club Cannon Spray

CO2 Club Cannon Spray

Have you been impressed by those colorful vapors that are thrown at Coachella or any recent event you have attended or seen? Don't wait to see them, if you can have them. These mobile CO2 Cannon guns have become an attraction that will turn your party into THE party and we at HPS Entertainment have them at your disposal.


The handheld CO2 Cannon Gun is perfect for stages or parties where special effects cannot be lacking, allowing you to move around the stage or party. Instead of having plumes of smoke fired from a particular spot-on stage, why not take it with you wherever you go on your stage or dance floor? Call us today for booking specials and bring an interactive and exciting CO2 Club Cannon Spray to your big event!

For more information on our CO2 Club Cannon Spray:


The DJ was amazing for my sweet 16! He made the place look sick with all the lights he brought. For the amount I spent it was 100% worth it. Those memories are priceless and HPS entertainment is to thank.

Madison Kelley
Wedding in Naples, FL

Patty is a fabulous DJ who made it a fun and exciting party for all.

Nancy McNeil
Wedding in Fort Myers, FL

Highly recommended DJ Pat Pat, She was so Professional, organized, played great music, kept the party going and very engaged with your crowd. High recommend

Wedding in Bonita Springs, FL

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