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Audio Wedding Guestbooks. This is a trend!

This is how you want to remember your special day.

Looking for something a little different to the traditional paper wedding guestbook? Then you'll love our new Audio Wedding Guest Book, the perfect way to remember all the best and funny wishes from your guests in your special day.

So what is an audio wedding guest book? Is an alternative to the traditional pen and paper guest book, an Audio Wedding Guest Book is a retro-style, rotary telephone where guests can pick up the receiver, and hear a pre-recorded greeting from the couple, before leaving their own voice mail message for the newlyweds after the beep to be cherished for years to come.

During your wedding reception guests can come up and leave you a heartfelt or very funny message, unfiltered! After the reception, you ca have all your recordings sent without missing a single tone of happiness and love.

Whether it's words of wedded wisdom from your elders or your bridesmaid reminiscing on how you and your other half met, you'll be transported back to your special day by listening to the voices of those you love.

Not only is it a totally fun experience for your guests, it will leave you with a beautiful archive of your loved one's voices for years to come.

Audio Guest Book Message Ideas for Guests

Worried your guests won't know what to say? Inspire them with prompts like the ones below. Pop them on a cute sign beside your audio guest book station.

  • Toasts and advice for the future

  • Your guests favourite part of the day

  • Funny marriage advice

  • A sweet love quote

  • An inside joke you share

  • Date night ideas

  • Sing a song, or even better, rap!

  • Simply say hello

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