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Wedding trends in 2023: it's time to find out what will be in style to prepare for your big day.

Weddings have changed a lot in recent years and those of 2023 will be remembered for their authenticity and fun. Discover the trends for weddings in 2023, which ones are missing from your celebration? There is still time to include them all!

1. Big party!

In 2023, weddings will focus on providing fun for all attendees. They will be very lively parties for the couple and those closest to them, full of surprises and many enhancements to make the night unique and memorable…

2. No two weddings are the same

In 2023, no two weddings will be the same! With all the wide range of ideas and options that contemporary offers, couples will take advantage of each option to have a unique wedding. Themed lights, photo booths, 9th Ft LED Robots, rustic decorations and elegant styles will mix to wow the guests and gets everyone posting on Social Media the big day.

3. Celebrations with favorite people

An intimate wedding is not defined by having few guests, but by having the presence of the essential loved ones for the couple. Thus, the weddings of 2023 will have very selective lists that will not include people who are not part of the day-to-day life of the future marriage.

4. Weddings of more than one day

Couples will extend their weddings and celebrate every moment of the process: engagement party, pre-wedding dinners, and tornadoes will add to the big day. In 2023 they will be a very comfortable alternative both for couples who have traveling guests and for those who want to celebrate long and hard.

5. Lighting

Lighting will be another of the most important elements of wedding decoration. If in previous seasons they tried to hide or integrate into the environment, in 2023 light sources will stand out as protagonists of the decoration. The loud and flashy colors will be very popular with the whole party.

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