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Discover how your wedding DJ in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL can enhance your wedding venue with the use of uplighting.

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding reception and, most of the time, there are still a few details about the location that you’d rather change for the sake of blending in with your wedding décor. Enter uplighting.

Uplighting, or decorative lighting, is when lights are strategically placed throughout your wedding venue or wedding décor to enhance the setting of your wedding reception. Some thoughtfully-placed lights can transform a space and take your wedding from “This looks good” to “Wow, this looks fantastic!” Here are a few benefits from choosing uplighting as part of your wedding DJ package:

Remember those details about your venue that you’d rather have changed or disguised? Uplighting can do just that by drawing attention away from the elements of the room that are not as aesthetically pleasing as you’d prefer. For example, if your venue has less-than-stellar carpeting, uplighting can be placed in certain areas of the room to draw the eye away from the floor.Uplighting not only draws the eye away from certain parts of the room; it can also draw your guests’ attention to the beautiful wedding décor you have put in place. For example, uplighting can be used to brighten up the cake table or highlight those gorgeous and artistically arranged flowers in your centerpieces.Ambience is another reason uplighting is so popular among brides and grooms everywhere. Nothing visually sets the mood for your wedding venue or outdoor area than the colorful glow cast from our lighting options, especially when the color matches with your wedding hues.Lighting up the dance floor lets everyone know this is where the party is and you can make sure that happens with many lighting options ranging from a couple of dance floor lights to a full-on, multi-colored light show.

So why choose uplighting as part of your wedding DJ package? Choosing a wedding DJ in Naples, FL or Fort Myers, FL that offers lighting services is a great way to cut down on the cost of hiring a separate vendor for your wedding. In addition to cutting down on the money and stress from having multiple vendors, opting to select a DJ that includes lighting services will also allow you to benefit from your DJ’s many years of experience. Wedding DJs are one of the few vendors that stick around for your entire wedding while providing their services, so they witness the fully decorated venues, as well as the guests’ reactions to them. Their experience also allows them to become familiar with the many different wedding venues so they will know exactly how to make the most of each location.

HPS Entertainment offers up lights and dance floor lights as part of all of their wedding DJ packages to create the perfect setting for your wedding. Our corded and wireless LED lights will create the ambience you have always wanted while minimizing energy consumption and avoiding the heat generation caused by standard lighting. And since we have been in the industry for more than 17 years, our award-winning, fun, and professional DJs in Southwest Florida are sure to make your wedding a night to remember.

Contact us for more information or check out our complete list of wedding DJ packages.

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